Hard Rock Cafe Addis Abeba is confirmed

Hard Rock Cafe Addis Abeba will be Ethiopia’s first Hard Rock Cafe. HRC Addis Abeba is going to open its doors for business approx. in December 2021. So the official status for this great and new location is “coming soon”.

Stay tuned for more information about the new Hard Rock Cafe. Here you’ll find all news and updates according the opening.

Some information about Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa is the capital and largest city of Ethiopia. According to the 2007 census, the city’s population estimated 2,739,551 inhabitants.

Ethiopia’s capital city Addis Ababa lies at an elevation of 2,355 metres and is a grassland biome, which ist located at 9°1′48″N 38°44′24″E. Addis Ababa lies at the foot of Mount Entoto and forms part of the watershed for the Awash. From its lowest point, around ths Bole International Airport, at 2,326 metres above sea level in the southern periphery, the capial city rises to over 3,000 metres in the Entoto Mountains to the north.

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