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WANTED - HRC Phuket magnet - WANTED

Hard Rock Cafe Phuket magnet WANTED

Another magnet, which is still missing in our collection is the second Hard Rock Cafe Phuket magnet. This magnet is part of the V+ Bottle Opener magnet series. Until the end of 2021 the HRC Phuket released 13 different Bottle Opener magnets. All magnets, including the one from Phuket can be found here.

Hard Rock Cafe Phuket magnet – Contact details

Do you have this magnet for SALE or TRADE? If yes, please send us an email or a whatsApp number. Here are our contact details:

whatsApp number: +49 152 28173975

Besides the Phuket magnet, we are looking for some other magnets, which are still missing in our collection.

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