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WANTED - HRC Stockholm magnet - WANTED

Hard Rock Cafe Stockholm magnet WANTED

Hello Collectors, we need your help by finding a special Hard Rock Cafe Stockholm magnet. Missing in our collection is magnet No. 8. It’s a brown / red magnet and you can see a viking girl with a shield riding a horse on it. Do you maybe have this magnet for SALE or TRADE? If yes, please check our contact details here and send us a message. We really appreciate your help and support to

email address:
whatsApp number: +49 152 28173975

Furthermore we are still looking for the first Hard Rock Cafe Stockholm magnet. It’s a yellow magnet with a blue Stockholm lettering on the top of the guitar body. Here is a picture of the wanted magent:

Hard Rock Cafe Stockholm Bottle Opener magnet No. 1 - WANTED

In total the HRC Stockholm has published 11 different magnets so far. All magnets, including photos, can be found here.

There are other magnets, that we are currently looking at. Here you can find another page with all the missing ones.

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