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Hard Rock Cafe Taichung in Taiwan

Hard Rock Cafe Taichung in Taiwan – Looking for pictures

Do you have any pictures of Hard Rock Cafe Taichung?

Hello Hard Rockers, I try to help my very good friend Kay Kalkbrenner from Germany, who is looking for outside pictures of Hard Rock Cafe Taichung which was opened from 1995 to 1996 in Taiwan.

Kay is a big Hard Rock Cafe fan from Germany, he visited most of the Hard Rock Cafes and Hard Rock Hotels worldwide, but unfortunately he had never been to the Hard Rock Cafe Taichung in Taiwan.

In December 1995 a Hard Rock Cafe opened in Taiwan, in Taichung. This Cafe lasted for only one year and there are no known pictures of this One-Year-Location.

The address of the Cafe was B/1 No.345 – Sec. 1, Taichung Kang Road, which was or still is located in a bank tower. Kay is still trying to find a picture from outside of that Hard Rock Cafe, so a facade pictures is needed. We are wonder, if there is any way to find a picture. Maybe someone of you have an idea, who could help us. For Taiwan people: maybe you know some kind of archive or anything, maybe you know, which companies were involved during the opening of this Cafe in 1995.
Maybe you have been there and you have any pictures, you know any friends, family, who have been there. Any help, any contact is highly appreciated by us. If you have any idea, please send me an email to

Thank you!

I have written a small location site for the Cafe in Taichung. You’ll find it linked here. You’ll will also find some more information there, but no pictures :-).

Update: December 2021

I got some new interesting facts about HRC Taichung from Kay Kalkbrenner:

1. The location didn’t last more than six months and it was operating under a pseudo name.
2. The Cafe looks like a “normal” Hard Rock Cafe, but without an official license.
3. Taichung Cafe was called 瑬石, which means Hard Rock.
4. Two known collectors have visited this location.
5. There was a kind of Opening Party on 07.11.1995, before the official opening in December 1995.
6. The President and Managing Director of the Taiwan Hard Rock Cafe was Mr. David Sun.

Furthermore here is a link from a Chinese website regarding to this topic. I know there is some kind of “Chinese Google”. Do you have access to this and can search for pictures of the former location? It’s not possible from Europe.

Hard Rock Cafe Taichung INVITATION 1995 by Mr. David Sun (Taiwan)

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  1. Sara

    Hello!!! I have a pin from this Hard Rock Cafe, still in the package…are you interested in this?
    Thanks for your time!

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