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HardRockLocations (Instagram)

“Hard Rock Locations” on Instagram

Our second Instagram account with information about “Hard Rock Locations” is online now!

We built a subpage with all locations (Hard Rock Cafes, Hotel, Rock Shop, Live venues, …) including opening and closind dates.
Click here to get the page: A full list of ALL HR locations.

Hard Rock Locations – News & Pictures

We have registered another account for this purpose. Please follow HardRockLocations on Instagram for more news and pictures about the global Hard Rock community. If you have any pictures for share, please send us an email to Otherwise you can send a whatsApp message to our German mobile number +49 152 281739975.

Our other social media channels

Thank you very much for your support to, here are our other social media chanels in one list. Please become a fan. This is highly appreciated!

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