Kay Kalkbrenner – A German Hard Rock collector

Kay Kalkbrenner was born 2nd March 1986 and lives near Frankfurt in Germany. At the moment (December 2021) he has visited more than 400 different (!) Hard Rock locations around the world.

Kay is also the founder of the facebook group Hard Rock Cafe News and Rumors with more than 6000 Hard Rock Fans. He is still looking for pictures of some older and closed Hard Rock locations. Can you help him finding facade pictures of the following locations?

  • Hard Rock Cafe Ankara, Turkey – operation period 27.05.1998 – 08.02.2002
  • Orlando Belz Outlet Rock Shop, FL (USA) – operation period unknown
  • Branson Outlet Rock Shop, MO (USA) – operation period unknown
  • Hard Rock Cafe Cap Town 1st location, South Africa – operation period 22.11.1996 – 06.2001
  • Woodbury Common Rock Shop Outlet, NY (USA) – operation period unknown
  • Hard Rock Cafe Taichung, Taiwan – operation period 12.1995 – 12.1996
  • Hard Rock Cafe Trinidad – operation period 25.11.2019 – 25.03.2020

If you have any of these pictures, please send an email to magnets@HardRockMagnets.com. Thank you for your help and support!

Kay & Jan-Philipp

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