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Hard Rock Hotel New York
V+ Bottle Opener Magnets

Here you can find my collection of bottle opener magnets from Hard Rock Hotel New York in the USA. I only collect bottle opener magnets from the V + Bottle Opener Magnets series (City Tee Bottle Opener Magnets, V + City Guitar Bottle Opener Magnets & Country Colors City Tee Magnets). If you want to trade or sell magnets, please send me a message. Many Thanks and happy collecting!

New York, USA - Hard Rock Hotel New York (open)

Hard Rock Hotel New York in the USA will open its doors for business in 2022. Stay tuned for more information.

Hard Rock Hotel New York V+ Bottle Opener Magnet No. 1

Not released yet!

Hard Rock Hotel New York
V+ Bottle Opener Magnet
No. 1

V+ City Tee
Bottle Opener Magnets

Klaus and Jan-Philipp Scherwat on HardRockMagnets.com

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News & Updates for New York

If there are any News & Updates for the New York location, you'll find them below. Have fun and keep on rockin'!

Last Update: 26.06.2021


Hard Rock Hotel New York is OPEN now.


We have created a photo album on facebook with construction site photos of the new Hotel. You'll find it here


HRH New York is also on facebook now. Their fanpage page can be found under the following link. Click here.


HRH New York opening (first available booking date) has been delayed from March 20th until April 14th in 2022.


It's possible to book your stay at Hard Rock Hotel New York now. Click here for more information.


This is the address from the upcoming Hard Rock Hotel New York: 159 West 48th Street New York City, NY 10036. The Hard Rock Cafe New York at Times Square is still open. So in future there will be two Hard Rock Cafes (Times Square and Yankee Stadium) and one Hard Rock Hotel in this amazing metropolis.


There were plans to open the Hard Rock Hotel in the Paramount building, which also houses the Hard Rock Cafe New York City. As is well known, the HRC is located in the "basement" of the building, the floors above were to be converted into a hotel according to Hard Rock International's plans. Unfortunately, the New York City Council decided against it, because the building is part of the New York history and should remain unchanged. Now, however, HRI has been able to get hold of a building plot not far from Times Square, on which the new hotel will be built. We will announce the address shortly.

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We are passionate collectors of V + Bottle Opener magnets from all Hard Rock Cafe and Hotel locations around the world.

Klaus and Jan-Philipp Scherwat on HardRockMagnets.com

Klaus & Jan-Philipp Scherwat

Collectors from Germany

We are looking for bottle openers from Hard Rock Cafes and Hard Rock Hotels. If you have bottle openers to sell or to trade, please feel free to contact me. Just send us an email to


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